Be Your Purpose is for people who want to master their inner life experience through world-class psychology, brain science and inner world wisdom.

Think of the screen you are looking at as like the front door of my psychology practice in San Francisco where I walk alongside my patients through a world-class training system of psychology, meditation, mindfulness, and other brain science-based techniques to discover purpose and develop inner mastery. Now, Be Your Purpose opens the door to you. Once inside, there are no bounds to what can be achieved. I work with Olympic athletes to win gold, with couples to recapture harmony and joy, with artists and actors to access vast creativity, with business leaders to “make it rain,” and with people feeling sad, anxious, heartbroken, or numb, to feel fulfilled. Everyone begins with the Ten Steps of Be Your Purpose.

Be Your Purpose delivers the world-class training system we use in my psychology practice directly to your inbox.
Dr. Sean Sullivan

The first step everyone I work with takes is
Step 1 of Be Your Purpose.

After mastering Step 1, you’ll progress through each of the Ten Steps of Be Your Purpose mastering foundational skills, beginning a Mind Exercise practice (more on Mind Exercise below) and visiting “Stillness” for the first time.

After you complete the Ten Steps of Be Your Purpose, anytime you want to grow your inner world awareness or learn more just reach in your pocket, grab your phone (or any online device) and take the next step in your training sequence. Always on demand, Be Your Purpose enables you to take your next step on your path to inner mastery on your own schedule.

What’s Mind Exercise and Why Does it Work?

Mind Exercises are directed meditations that increase your attention span, improve your focus and grow your inner world power by strategically sculpting your brain.

Think of Mind Exercise as analogous to physical exercise. Just as physical exercise improves your body’s strength and function in targeted ways, Mind Exercise improves the strength and function of your attention in targeted ways. And just as physical exercise changes your musculature and endurance, Mind Exercise changes your brain’s structure and your psychological and emotional state.

“Dr. Sullivan is a game-changing new voice in the psychology of peak performance.”Mark Sanchez, NFL Quarterback

Learn more about Mind Exercise.

Learn more about Mind Exercise.

The Mind Exercise Vault

After you complete the Ten Steps of Be Your Purpose, we’ll keep your training fresh and relevant by adding new Mind Exercise routines to your Mind Exercise Vault.

After just one month of mind exercising twenty minutes a day members typically report personal improvements including…

Take Step 1 of Be Your Purpose.
  • Improved focus
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Increased life satisfaction
  • Heightened sense of connection to life purpose
  • Feeling better about life direction and the future
  • Elevated performance in most valued pursuits
If you stick with Mind Exercising for just a few months you’ll develop more inner mastery than 99% of people alive today.Dr. Sean Sullivan

The Mind Master Programs

During your membership you have the option of completing any The Mind Master Program.

The Mind Master Programs include mind exercise sequences that train your brain and body using mindfulness-charged cognitive behavioral (CBT) techniques to achieve your specific program goal…

  • The Ten Steps of Be Your Purpose (You’ll begin here)
  • The 21-Day Master Health Challenge
  • The 21-Day Master Happiness Program
  • The 21-Day Master Stress and Anxiety Program
  • The 21-Day Master Weight Loss Program
  • 21 Days to Stop Worrying (Coming soon)
  • Ten Steps Before You Begin Any Diet
  • The 7-Day Creativity Challenge with New York Times best-selling creativity author Josh Linkner
Take Step 1 of Be Your Purpose.
You move through the steps at your own pace. After you complete a program you return to progressing through the Mind Exercise steps inside your Mind Exercise Vault.

Cultivate Mindful, Masterful, Purposeful and Strategic Living

Be Your Purpose organizes the burgeoning world of psychology, brain training and inner world breakthroughs into strategic steps to living your purpose as you grow in mastery of your inner life. I invite you to try it free for 30 days to see if it’s right for you. Cancel anytime.

Throughout your subscription, we’ll keep you informed of emerging brain science and proven inner mastery techniques and strategies. We’ll also send you hand-picked tips, trends and stories that pique my interest — the same info and tools I pass along to my patients and clients to keep them on the cutting-edge.

I produce new programs based on my own interests and member’s requests. If there is something new you’d like to see, let me know. I’ll see if I can add it to our programming schedule.

I created Be Your Purpose because being my purpose includes consistently practicing and sharing cutting-edge psychology, brain science and inner world wisdom, tools and techniques. I love this work. My goal is to get you the training and mastery skills you want.

Join me when you’re ready for an epic inner life adventure.

Dr. Sean Sullivan

Take Step 1 of
Be Your Purpose.

Member’s Benefits Summary

Be Your Purpose Member’s Benefits Summary

  • Full access to the Ten Steps of Be Your Purpose.
  • Full access to The Mind Master Programs.
  • Full access to The Mind Exercise Vault after you master the first ten steps of Be Your Purpose.
  • Full access to live monthly Q&A sessions.
  • New “How to Master” audios and videos delivered to your inbox.
  • Dr. Sean’s hand-picked tips, trends, stories and science to keep you on the cutting edge of psychology, brain science and inner world mastery.

Remain a member as long as you are growing.

Be Your Purpose Member’s Benefits Summary

  • Full access to the Ten Steps of Be Your Purpose.
  • Full access to The Mind Master Programs.
  • Full access to The Mind Exercise Vault.
  • Full access to live monthly Q&A sessions.
  • New “How to Master” audios and videos delivered to your inbox.
  • Dr. Sean’s hand-picked tips, trends, stories and science to keep you on the cutting edge of psychology, brain science and inner world mastery.

Remain a member as long as you are growing.

Dr. Sean Sullivan

Dr. Sean Sullivan grew up near Boston and graduated from Harvard University. He became a clinical psychologist and settled in San Francisco where he completed post-doctoral work in Health Psychology at University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Sullivan oversees a performance psychology practice in San Francisco’s Park Presidio and produces Mind Exercises to help his patients, clients and online community develop inner mastery and achieve personal goals. He also wrote The Mind Master’s Silent Journey and created The 21-Day Mind Master Programs and the #1 iPad self-help books app, The Mind Master’s Map. Dr. Sullivan will soon publish the book, Be Your Purpose: The Ten Science-Based Steps to Stillness.

“Step 1 of Be Your Purpose describes my first visit visit to Stillness. Within a few months of that life-changing experience I’d moved across the country to dedicate myself to learning more. Last year, after thirteen years of study and practice, I traveled the world visiting the locations where breakthrough psychology, brain science and inner world masters uncovered each of the ten steps presented in Be Your Purpose. Taking you with me on that epic adventure is the privilege of my life.” – Dr. Sean Sullivan

Not convinced yet?
Have a look at what students say about the programs inside.

  • I’ve read Dr. Sullivan’s book and taken his courses before. This one is no different. It provides actual practical knowledge that leads you to mastering your weight loss goal. The course really opened my eyes to how much control I have over my experience of life and of my body. I found it hard to believe the whole ‘master your mind’ thing at the beginning. But then I got going with the videos and the challenges and came to see exactly what he is talking about. This program changed my life. 5 big stars 🙂


  • A book-on-video-on-steroids
    Be Your Purpose is a book-on-video-on-steroids. It gives new meaning to the term “online class.”


  • This journey is changing my life! Dr. Sean, this journey is changing my life! I’m on Day 14 and thoroughly enjoying myself. I look forward to the daily ritual everyday, and the challenges are incredibly enlightening & empowering. Thank you!


  • After 15 Years of reading books, listening to tapes and struggling, I finally found a course that transformed my life to a life that I always dreamed of. Thank you so much Dr. Sean for this easy and simple course.

    Hatim Asaad

  • Online courses just grew up with Be Your Purpose!


  • Amazing experience…
    Be Your Purpose is hands down the best course I have ever taken. It will change your life.


  • This is a really fun way to learn how your inner world functions and make changes you need to make in your life.


  • Very well prepared and full of breakthroughs. I feel much more in control, it has helped other areas in life, too. I think this is a great resource. You still have to do the work, it is not a miracle that most people want to pop up and get rid of their issues. I found it very well prepared, it helped me a lot to understand my action patterns not only for eating but for relationships and work. Thanks Dr. Sean, I think you do great work for the world, I`m happy to be able to access it online.

    Juliana Saad

  • Elevates self-help and online education to an art form. By Step 4 it becomes something new…“edutainment.”


  • Because I have known The Mind Master I can confidently say I have a life I love and it is Loving Me Back. Best of all I am part of a beautiful vision. I am part of something much bigger than I ever dreamed. Thank You again.


  • Amazing

    I am amazed because this course has helped me so much with my anxiety. Nothing else has. I finished the course a month ago and continue practicing the skills I learned. The videos were really encouraging, and the encouragement stays with me. When I get into a tense situation, I remember what I’ve learned.

    Maria Morris

  • It’s like having a psychologist who is your close friend with you every day. It’s so helpful and it works.?

    Marta Wegorzewska, PhD.

  • I’m on Day 13 and I’ve lost 7 pounds without implementing any specific diet. Being mindful has naturally lead me to eat less and exercise more. Thanks for your wonderfully succinct program. I am enjoying the experience immensely!


  • After taking this course, I think about food and how I eat differently. I feel empowered and never wanting more. I have not changed what I eat, I am just conscious of what I eat and why I am eating. I seem to not want as much food or want to use food the way I used to…best of all the weight is coming off! Thanks Dr. Sullivan!


  • It’s like traveling the world with your therapist.


  • I’ve studied a lot to build up my self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-limiting beliefs, and because of that my life had progressed quite a bit but man was this a jump from where I was and my mindset. Now I’ve used a few of these tactics not all of them and they all marked an improvement in my life before this course. During this course I re-did all the exercises I’ve done in the past and maintained course doing everything and boy do I feel like a different human on day 21 with habits and a plan instilled for the long term. Sean thank you for improving my life sir. I also help guys improve their lives via personal development so this is going to echo into helping many people’s lives. You’ve helped me confront some old demons I didn’t realize were really hurting me and now I’m aware of them. Understand them and now understand how to move past them. Thanks once again Sean…for a marked improvement in every aspect of your life and happiness over all!

    Victor M Paz Jr

  • I binged-watched. So good.


  • This course was a priceless experience for me. It’s so easy to watch and the tools you learn are so useful. I love Dr. Sean’s voice and vulnerability. Thanks!