The Steps to Discovering Your Purpose & Feeling Your Best

Be Your Purpose presents Dr. Sean Sullivan’s high performance program for discovering life purpose and performing your best. The sequential, online steps are easy to follow and based in cutting-edge psychology and brain science. You’ll learn, practice and master meditation, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral (CBT) strategies to consistently feel your best.

Complete Be Your Purpose at your own pace from any internet connected device. Begin by clicking any blue button to learn all about the first ten steps. Get ready for an amazing adventure!


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I created the Be Your Purpose steps because the majority of people with whom I’ve worked as a psychologist — whether they initially came to see me with the intention of improving in a particular area, or because they wanted help connecting to a sense of peace, meaning and motivation — were only a few strategic steps away from consistently feeling and performing much better.

Now that psychology and brain science techniques are so effective many people are choosing to take the Ten Steps on their own. Some people read the steps in Be Your Purpose (the book) while completing each step’s corresponding video Mind Exercise here at Other people complete the Ten Steps by watching the full step videos here at

However you prefer to learn, it’s my honor to pass along gifts that generations of psychologists, brain scientists, inner world masters and many other luminaries have refined over many years. Actually, it’s more than my honor. It’s my purpose.

Are you ready to be your purpose and unleash your unique gifts into the world?

I can’t wait to get started with you.

Dr. Sean Sullivan

“Dr. Sullivan is a game-changing new voice in the psychology of peak performance.” Mark Sanchez, NFL Quarterback

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A Personal Note From Dr. Sean

Do you want a greater sense of clarity about your purpose in life? Are there things you could use some help but don’t have the time (or perhaps money) to go to a coach or therapist?

Maybe you want to get off the diet “lose and gain” treadmill, or generally feel more present with the people you love in your life. Perhaps you want to finally find a way of reducing that elevated sense of anxiety so many of us struggle with in our modern society. Or, maybe you just want to learn how you feel and perform at your best.

If so, I want to personally introduce you to Be Your Purpose.

You’ll learn the skills that are the building blocks to achieving a mastery over your inner world, and when I say mastery over your inner world what I mean is to develop the skills that will enable you to…

Rise above the constant chatter in your mind and feel a sense of calm in situations that used to cause you to panic…

Consistently generate feelings of love and peace when dealing with family, friends or romantic partners…

Finally get a sense of clarity about your purpose on this earth and how you can be that purpose starting now…

Achieve a level of peak performance and excellence in a sport or a job instead of falling prey to fear and self doubt when the pressure is raised…

If this sounds interesting to you I would like to extend access to you into an online training community unlike any you will find anywhere.

Be Your Purpose is a simple to follow series of lessons that I will send to you daily, right to your inbox. The lessons are gentle, easy to follow yet backed by cutting edge brain research as well as inspired by ancient mindfulness techniques passed down by spiritual masters over millennia.

I have developed, honed, and tested the techniques and exercises I will be sending you in Be Your Purpose through my entire career in brain science and peak personal performance.

My clients have ranged from C-level executives in top global corporations, to Olympic athletes, to college students, to stay at home moms and have come from all walks of life.

What I have found is that regardless of background, regardless of financial situation, regardless of station in life, when my clients would do the simple exercises that I will be sending you, they consistently reported more focused attention at work, a greater sense of peace and calm in everyday life, a better understanding as to their purpose in life and an overall increase in general feelings of wellbeing.

I’ve received literally hundreds of great comments and reviews. Here are just a couple to give you a sense of how much people are benefitting. I keep people’s full identity anonymous to ensure privacy.

“This is a really fun way to learn how your inner world functions and make changes you need to make in your life.” – Jerry

“It’s like traveling the world with your therapist.” – Vanessa

“After 15 Years of reading books, listening to tapes and struggling, I finally found a course that transformed my life to a life that I always dreamed of. Thank you so much Dr. Sean for this easy and simple course.” – Hatim

“Loved it!! It really works!!! Thank you :)” – Mary

You’ll find more reviews here.

Most people are walking around at some level unaware of the power that they possess to master their inner world. Instead they repeat destructive patterns, look for quick fix escapes to their anxieties in alcohol or drugs or food, and generally fail to truly connect with the deeper reasons and thus live lives that don’t measure up to their potential.

I am here to tell you, as a psychologist with extensive experience taking clients through this exact same training I am offering you, it does not have to be that way.

You can live dreams. You can fully be your purpose. It starts by understanding a few key ideas about how your psychology works, and then training your brain through the simple to follow, gentle exercises that I send to your inbox in my Be Your Purpose program.

I truly hope that you will give yourself the chance to see what your life can be once you start mastering your inner world. You can take the Be Your Purpose steps on your own or with professional support.

I am offering you 30 days of unlimited free access to the program. This free period will not be offered forever so I urge you to sign up now if you think you could benefit from these lessons. Again we are at an amazing time in psychology and human development where science is confirming what the ancient masters taught us.

With the internet you can learn this cutting-edge information from the comfort of your home. It’s like having a psychologist in your pocket to access whenever you want to.

I cordially invite you to claim your 30-day welcome gift.

I look forward to seeing you inside!

Dr. Sean Sullivan

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